Mens Health

Sexual health can be affected by food, drugs and certain exercises that stimulate and stretch the muscles of the pelvic region, the hips and the press, and train the body to closely monitor all processes, including sexual function.
Another important aspect of men's health is the libido of men. Against the background of libido, erotic pictures in combination with irritation of the corresponding zones cause excitation of the sexual center in the brain. As a result, nerve impulses rush from this center to various organs and cause the heart to beat faster, and breathing to speed up. Blood pressure rises. Under the control of the centers of the spinal cord, the penis is filled with blood, increases many times and strains. If a man does not do this, then it is called impotence. For the treatment of this disease using the drug Viagra (source: So there is an erection. Emotional arousal and activation of the glans penis lead to a reduction in the seminal vesicles and the release of sperm - ejaculation and orgasm.
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